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Why Us?


Clinical Validation

Validating our products through clinical trials (RCT and online)

Behaviour Change

Driven by in-game experiences, rewards and friendly competitions


Fits within your service model. Ready to integrate with any API. Scalable and Efficient

End-to-End Solution

From data collection and novel engagements through to insight & visualisation

Save Money

Through early intervention and prevention

Real-time Insights

Data collected, analysed and visualised for real-time review


Engage users for additional insight between consultations

Reduce Workload

Remote engagement means less clinician hours

Our Products


At the heart of all AppAttic products is MediMerge, the cloud system that collects health data from mobile devices, IoT, wearables, apps and games for clinical review.

Everything from medicines adherence, clinical compliance and vital signs through to activity, sleep and mood.

MediMerge can be deployed on your system or integrated via API. Access (with appropriate consent) can be provided to clinicians, patients and researchers, with data processing and visualisations for specific users and scenarios.


BitRun uses your Fitbit® activity data to create a personalized ‘running’ game. Each day, the level you play is unique and personal to you, based on your previous day’s activity. You can also play without an activity tracker.

The more active you are, the more collectables you will find and the less obstacles you will have to dodge. Being active in real life means more interactive gameplay and high scores, more importantly, a place on the BitRun leaderboard.

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Code-named ‘MAGE’ (that’s Medicines Adherence Gamification Experience to all you acronym lovers out there!), this is our medicines tracking game/app for mobile and tablet devices.

The app engages users with their medicines schedule. It creates a safe game experience for documenting how they interact with their medicines including non-compliance reasoning and aggregating this with mood snapshots and integrated with Fitbit to collect data regarding activity, sleep and heart rate. This data is sent in real-time to our MediMerge web platform, where it is processed and visualised. This can then be reviewed by the patient’s clinician at their regular appointments.

The game experience engages users and enables them to log information about their medicines without it feeling like a chore, and encouraging logging of all information including non-adherence. It gently nudges users to adhere to their prescribed medicines schedule through game experiences, rewards and competing with their peer-group.

Mage Clincal Trial

MAGE is currently undergoing a randomized control trial (RCT) with an NHS Health Trust in Northern Ireland and is due for completion end of March 2017.

A general public release is expected early 2017.

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About AppAttic

Team AppAttic have significant experience creating innovative tech solutions for complex problem domains, especially within connected health.

We’ve optimised our research, development and commercialisation processes, drawing on design thinking, to rapidly go from prototype to validated solutions ready to integrate with large existing healthcare technologies.



Meet The Team

Exploring gamification, motivation and engagement with health and wellness

Dr Rachel Gawley

Dr Rachel Gawley

CEO and Co-Founder

Rachel specialises in commercialising research for software platforms. Rachel has architected software products with hundreds of thousands of users and has published over 1000 apps to mobile App Stores.

Carley Morrow

Carley Morrow

COO and Co-Founder

With 15 years digital marketing and product development experience, Carley has managed multiple projects from concept to launch. Beyond operations she focuses on project management, customer development and growth.

Andy McCartney

Andy McCartney

Insert Cool Title Here

Former CEO of Microsoft Ventures and current Managing Partner of Whitespace VC, Andy is chair of the board of advisors to AppAttic. Andy directs key business decisions and high level strategy.

Richard Gillen

Richard Gillen

Software Engineer

CS graduate from Queen’s University, Richard has an extensive software engineering and game design background participating regularly in global game jams.

Dr Gary Field, MD

Dr Gary Field, MD

Medical Consultant

Dr Gary Field has been a General Practitioner for over 15 years. He has a keen interest in how technology can be utilised to improve practice management, encourage better self-care and contribute to preventive medicine.

Dr Herman Chan

Dr Herman Chan

Connected Health Consultant

Specialising in gamification, rewards, wearables and mobile health (mHealth), Herman is involved in research and development aspect of many of AppAttic’s projects.

Mark Allan

Mark Allan

Technical Consultant

With 35 years software development experience, Mark has developed the top-rated apps in the Microsoft store and is an expect in commercial mobile app development.

David Douglas

David Douglas

Creative Advisor

Former founder of a tech SME and currently Technical Evangelist for Microsof Corp, David worked with Rachel for several years and continues to provide AppAttic with creativity advice.


Investigate . Validate . Deploy

gamification of health and wellness


Researching methods to use real game mechanics and game experiences to engage people with their health and wellness.

motivation health


Investigating how to evoke positive health behaviour changes (be more active, compliance, medicine adherence, etc.) using mobile technologies and games

Quantification of health data


Validating the safety and efficacy of our products and solutions for use within healthcare systems.

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