Games to engage users with their wellbeing, provide health insight, and promote positive behaviour change

Creating a bright tomorrow



Life is a game and we aim to make it more productive, fun and happy. We want to help you have the best journey and ultimately win.


Investigating methods to encourage positive behaviour change through rewards, incentivisation and social interactions.


Insight into the data captured using visualisation and customisable displays. Specialising in processing data from wearable technologies.

About AppAttic

Rewarding Life and Gamifying Wellbeing

AppAttic is an award winning startup company with experience working with large multinationals and government departments.  AppAttic was named Belfast Startup of the year 2015 and won Invent 2015 Creative Media category.

AppAttic started as an app production company.   Internally, we optimised the creation, development and deployment of software to maximise efficiency.   This enables us to develop and deploy novel apps/concepts with minimum time investment.   Our ethos is similar to a Venture Capitalist, we invest with time and effort on ideas and concepts.   Through this approach we quickly established that gamifying health and wellness is the core business and research focus.


Who Buys The Coffee

Use Fitbit to decide who buys the next coffee. LEAST ACTIVE BUYS! Gamification and of your step data with a bit of friendly competition
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Make your goals happen with Chipin. You receive support and motivation through social interactions and real-world rewards.
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BitRun uses your activity within a runner game. Each day, the level you play is personal to you and based on your previous day’s activity.
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Gamification of medicines management. Get rewarded with unique and personalised mobile gameplay for taking your medicines

Team AppAttic

Exploring gamification, motivation and rewards
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Dr Rachel Gawley

CEO and Founder
Rachel specialises in commercialising research for software platforms. Rachel has architected software products with hundreds of thousands of users and has published over 1000 apps to mobile App Stores.
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Dr Herman Chan

Director of Research
Herman is Director of Research specialising in gamification, rewards, wearables and mobile health (mHealth). He focuses on leading the day-to-day research activities of AppAttic.
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Carley Morrow

Head of Growth
Carley has 15 years digital marketing experience and has carried out multiple launches for online products. Carley’s daily focus is on customer development and growth.
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Richard Lindsay

Lead Game Developer
Richard has over 10 years development. He works on the full development cycle on client side of mobile games, from concept, through to design, 3D modelling, texturing, animation and audio.
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Mark Allan

Technical Consultant
Dad for 17 years, coder for 35 years. Expat Mancunian. STEM Ambassador. Tweets on software dev, Man Utd, dodgy music, etc. Opinions are those of my employer
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Naomi McMullan

Operations (NE Dir)
Naomi McMullan is a business reporter and broadcaster, who makes economic news more accessible. Naomi’s focus is on business operational process to support rapid growth and business development.

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