As you may know, our latest app, Mega Meds, is in the app stores and also undergoing clinical trial. This week we pushed an exciting update which visualised your medicine adherence, logging, ad-hoc medicines and mood. If you would like to go straight to the download just click here!

Mega Meds medicine reminder app

My Stats

The “my stats” update gives a calendar overview of your medicine logging and adherence. Now you can easily understand how well you manage your medication.

  • simple calendar view
  • gamification: build up streaks for logging your meds
    • earn streaks by keeping track of your meds
    • even if you miss your medication your streak will continue (if you log it!)
  • easy to understand: green is good!
    • green ‘streaks’ = logging of medication
    • green bars = taken medication
    • red bars = missed medication
    • smilies visualise how you are feeling
    • a grey dot shows when ad-hoc medication has been taken
  • use drop-down to view ‘all meds’ or drill into individual meds

This is just one of several improvements planned for the coming year around app functionally and game/gamification elements.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

The Research Study

AppAttic_Outpeek_1min_researchWe have added a research study module to Mega Meds to enable us to compare the results of our clinical RCT with that of a broader demographic.

In order to assess the usefulness of Mega Meds we only need some health stats and basic feed back so there is no registration form, no need to input your name or your email address. The research study is 100% anonymous – no personally identifiable information is ever asked for.

By participating in the study you will be helping us assess the usefulness of games and gamificaiton techniques around medicines adherence. Something that could have an incredible impact on health and wellness globally. Awesomeness.

This research study module has been supported by Innovate UK as a Women Infocus award with the aim of  developing an alternative or complimentary method to running a RCT for low-risk health, wellness and medical apps.