Our latest app, Mega Meds, which aims to improve medicines adherence is now available in the app stores. We invite you to download it and participate in a research study that has massive potential for positive impact on health and wellness. Too excited to read on? We understand – click here! 😉

Mega Meds app

Having started life back in 2015 as a small business research initiative (SBRI) the app, which is currently in clinical trial within the South Eastern Health Trust (NHS) is now being made available to the general public. Baked in is a mini-study which will enable AppAttic to compare the results of their randomized control trial (RCT) with that of a broader demographic. It’s 100% anonymous and takes only a few minutes per month to participate.

Mega Meds

Mega Meds set out to see if making medicines management more enjoyable would help people to improve their medicines adherence and thus improve their overall health and wellness. We did this by incorporating a game and gamificaiton techniques into the app, rewarding users for logging when they take or skip their medication and when they adhere to their medicines as prescribed.


The better the user adheres to their medication schedule, the more ‘Life Force’ they get and the better their chances of winning in the game. We also reward users for telling us if they miss their medication and the reason why through stars which can be used in the shop to buy items such as new hair or sunglasses.

Mega Meds interface is less medical in appearance than other apps as we wanted it to be simple with a fun and friendly yet professional vibe. It includes the ability to add various medicine schedules including recurring, courses (eg for prescriptions) and ad-hoc  (for people who wish to track medicines they may take irregularly). There are notifications to log your medication, it can be used offline (although an internet connection is required when you first download the app) and automatically adjusts based on timezones.

There are many more improvements planned for the coming year around app functionally and game/gamification elements.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

The Research Study

AppAttic_Outpeek_1min_researchWe have added a research study module to Mega Meds to enable us to compare the results of our clinical RCT with that of a broader demographic.

In order to assess the usefulness of Mega Meds we only need some health stats and basic feed back so there is no registration form, no need to input your name or your email address. The research study is 100% anonymous – no personally identifiable information is ever asked for.

By participating in the study you will be helping us assess the usefulness of games and gamificaiton techniques around medicines adherence. Something that could have an incredible impact on health and wellness globally. Awesomeness.

This research study module has been supported by Innovate UK as a Women Infocus award with the aim of  developing an alternative or complimentary method to running a RCT for low-risk health, wellness and medical apps.