Rachel was joined by Prof Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer; Professor Tim Hubbard, King’s College London; Dr James Brenton, Cancer Research UK and Dr Alex Phipps, Roche UK on the WIRED Health panel discussion around personalised healthcare, big data and genomics in March.

A summary of the event can be found in this month’s WIRED magazine (June 2017). Flip through to page 55 where the WIRED Health feature kicks off and you’ll find Rachel Gawley talking about personalised health and big data. “We need to start a conversation with the public to explain why healthcare data should be shared for better care and tailored services. Central to this is complete transparency in how the data is analysed and used – in a protected, aggregated and anonymous way. If you think about it: we’re completely OK with giving an enormous amount of data to platforms like Facebook so it;’s not a completely novel idea – especially to younger people.”

It’s an awesome issue (as always) and AppAttic are delighted and honoured to feature in their favourite mag!